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Technology in Business Makes It Easier

Technology in Business Makes It Easier

The stage of technology we are at right now can be seen as advanced by a majority of the population, and we would agree that it is. In the span of about a hundred years we have done more than the previous million years of evolution and it seems as though the graph showing this and our future technological advances is exponential. We’ve landed on the moon, made self-landing rockets, and now have created robots and algorithms that think and learn on their own. So then how have technological advances helped the business sector? In this article we will be answering that exact question and providing a few examples of technologies that have not only changed business, are changing business, but will continue to change it in a positive way in the coming years like Fastspring Dynamic Commerce.

Technology in Business Makes It Easier

Technology is clearly defined as the use of scientific methods and certain knowledge to achieve a task or goal. When people think about technology what comes to mind may be a laptop or a smartphone but it is much more than that. Technology can be a sales process, a piece of data that someone may not know is useful, and software programs designed for specific tasks. So, what are some of the technologies that have allowed businesses? We will list them below:

  • Automated marketing
  • Social Media
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

There are hundreds of other types of technologies being used in marketing but we believe these to be the four most important because of the effect they’ve had on small, medium, and large businesses. Automated marketing, for example, allows a small business or a single entrepreneur to schedule ads on different platforms sometimes for as long as the platform allows. This means that he or she can schedule posts on Craigslist, on different social media platforms, and on websites for a certain time of the day, every day, to save time.

Social media is another piece of technology that has allowed businesses to scale due to the ease of access to “virality”. Going viral on social media is sure to bring your more followers and more potential clients. It is easy to connect with people and takes seconds to a few minutes to post something on these platforms.

In conclusion, technology doesn’t necessarily have to be the common items we think about such as laptops and smartphones. It can be algorithms like artificial intelligence which allow a program to learn on its own and implement changes almost instantaneously. Social media has given businesses the ability to connect with millions of people in a quick and efficient way. Instagram stories have become fifteen second commercial advertisements, and Facebook has created one of the most intuitive ads platforms on the planet by giving access to detailed information on all of its users. Virtual and augmented reality will create the next shift in business and sales and who knows what else is in store in technological advancements.